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LEONI MegaLine® Connect45 Pro Cat.6A Connector

Manufacturer: Leoni
The LEONI MegaLine® Connect45 Pro Cat.6A Connector is a high-quality telecommunications connector designed for reliable and efficient data transmission. It is compatible with Keystone format and is specifically designed for Category 6A applications. This connector features a polycarbonate construction and an FR4 printed circuit board, ensuring durability and performance. With its full metal zinc housing, it offers excellent shielding properties. The LEONI MegaLine® Connect45 Pro Cat.6A Connector is suitable for use with AWG 27 to 22 conductors, providing flexibility in various installation scenarios.
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Technical Data:

  • Product Name: LEONI MegaLine® Connect45 Pro Cat.6A Connector
  • Connector Type: Keystone
  • Category: 6A
  • Construction: Polycarbonate and FR4 printed circuit board
  • Housing Material: Full metal zinc
  • Suitable for AWG 27 to 22 conductors
  • Contact Resistance: Maximum 20 mOhm
  • Insulation Resistance: Minimum 500 mOhm
  • Dielectric Strength: Minimum 1000V DC/AC between contacts, 1500V DC/AC between contact and shielding
  • Insertion Force: Maximum 30N
  • Insertion Cycle Life: 1000 cycles for front, 100 cycles for module cable plug
  • Current Rating: 1.25A
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +70°C


  • High-quality and durable construction
  • Full metal zinc housing for excellent shielding properties
  • Compatible with Keystone format
  • Suitable for Category 6A applications
  • Supports AWG 27 to 22 conductors
  • Efficient data transmission with low contact resistance and high insulation resistance

The LEONI MegaLine® Connect45 Pro Cat.6A Connector is designed for use in telecommunications and networking installations. It is suitable for structured building cabling according to ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173 standards. This connector is ideal for various applications, including voice over IP, power over Ethernet, and high-speed Ethernet. With its high-quality construction and reliable performance, it is a valuable choice for telecommunications professionals.